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  • Business Profile
  • Methods of Application
  • Application Instructions
  • Who is Target Looking to Hire?

Business Profile And Performance:

Target is an American retailer that offers customers a wide variety of clothing for men, women, children, and babies; swimwear; sneakers, sandals, flats, boots, and dress shoes; underwear and intimates; toys and games; arts and crafts materials; office and school supplies; sporting equipment and athletic gear; candy and snack items; accessories such as jewelry, watches, sunglasses, hats, gloves, scarves, purses, and wallets; and furniture. Some of the larger locations also sell groceries. The headquarters is in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and there are approximately 1,800 locations. These retailers are located in every U.S. state except for Vermont and also in Canada. It is the second largest discount retailer in the country, second only to Walmart, and employs more than 350,000 people.

Company History:

The founder, George Draper Dayton, first opened Dayton Dry Goods Company in 1902. By the 1920s the store had expanded to six floors and was bringing in multiple millions of dollars. In 1938 George died and left the business to his son Nelson. Then in 1950 Nelson died and his son Donald became the president. An employee of the company, John Geisse, soon developed the concept of creating an upscale discount retail store. The Dayton Company took this concept and opened the first official Target in the 1960s. Since that point the Target brand has expanded and even become the top subsidiary of the corporation.

Finger Tip Facts About Company:

ServicesDepartmental Store & Retailers
Total LocationsMore Than 1,700
Established In1902
Main OfficeMinneapolis, MN
FounderGregg Steinhafel
Total Revenue$69.86 billion

Applying Online vs. Applying in Person :


The easiest and most convenient way to apply for a job is to go to main site URL mentioned below. You can browse many different jobs, see opportunities outside retail stores (such as at corporate), and use your online career profile to apply to multiple positions In Person.

If you don’t have reliable access to a computer or the internet, you can always visit a store near you. You can ask to speak with a supervisor or manager, who may give you a paper application to fill out. It is best to prepare by gathering all your employment history and experience information together before you visit the store. This way you can fill out the application on the spot and may have a chance to speak further with the manager. He or she may interview you right then or at a later point in time.

Instructions For Applying Online:

  • To Apply Online see this page by scrolling above and find the link “Apply Online” and click on it to access the page where you can apply.
  •  You will have two options on the next page. You can either choose to look at hourly careers or you can search management and corporate careers.
  • To apply for an hourly career, you will need to have a few items on hand. This includes your social security number, your permanent address and contact information, information about your education, information about your employment experience, and an ability to start within 60 days of your application date. Please also make sure you have at least 45 minutes to set aside while working on your application.
  • If you are ready to begin, hit the start button. Then select whether you want to apply for a store or distribution center job. Verify that you meet the minimum age requirements and then select your location. From there, follow the onscreen instructions for selecting a specific position, creating a profile, and submitting your application.
  • For management and headquarters jobs, you will need to enter in some search criteria – either a descriptive term, a job title, or a location. On the next page you will be able to see available positions that match your criteria. These will be listed with the title, location, and posting date. Read over the description, including all responsibilities and qualifications, and then hit the apply button if it interests you. You can apply through conventional methods or use your LinkedIn account, if you have one. Follow the instructions on your screen for creating a profile and submitting your credentials.

Background Check:

Target is authorized to conduct a background check on you as part of the application process. A red flag on this check may cause you to lose eligibility for the position. If you have concerns, check with a manager beforehand.

Who Is Target Looking To Hire?

Different Job Areas :

Store Jobs: Employees exhibit superior customer service, keep stores clean and well-stocked, and must be a respectful and safe member of a team.

Distribution Center Jobs: Employees send products to the correct stores while keeping them in good condition, keep activities focused on meeting customer needs, and are also respectful and safe.

Management and Headquarters Jobs: these include management positions in retail locations and department jobs at the corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, which might include a job as an IT our HR professional, among others.

Diversity And Inclusion:

This company is an equal opportunity employer which does not discriminate in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. The corporation values diversity and strives to hire people from a wide range of backgrounds.

Restrictions In Regards To Age:

Each position comes with a unique set of requirements. Read over the job descriptions carefully to make sure you qualify. Some positions will mandate minimum age limitations. For the lower level positions that do allow minors to apply, be sure to also check with your state government’s individual restrictions on minimum age requirements. If you meet the standards both with Target and with your state, you will be eligible to apply. Note that even for the lowest level jobs you must be at least 16. Distribution center jobs mandate that you be 18.

Job Seekers Overview:

Employees 3,65,000
Current Opportunities 62370
Awards For EmployeeNot Yet
Enhancement On Application Yes
Get Response (Avg Time)Within 7days

Corporate Leaders:

The founder was George Dayton and Gregg Steinhafel is the current president, chairman, and CEO.


For the fiscal year ending in 2012 it brought in $73 billion in revenue, $4 billion in operating income, just short of $3 billion in net income, has total assets of $48 billion, and a total equity of $15 billion.