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The candidates who are interested in submitting an application for the job opportunities at YMCA can go to the online careers platform and follow the steps which are mentioned as under:

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  1. Visit the official careers website where you can view a list of latest job openings which is below mentioned
  2. On this web page, you can find the option of sharing the job opportunities by clicking the “Share” button at the top left side of this web page. These opportunities can be shared on any social media page.
  3. The jobs can also be sent to any contact using their Email address.
  4. You can also subscribe for getting the latest news and notifications regarding the jobs. In the window pane having a title “Get updates”, enter your email address in the first space and postal code in the second space bar. Click the “Subscribe” button to enter these details.
  5. You can view a list of all the job titles along with the locations on which these jobs are offered. These jobs are given as a link to the portal where you can view further details of each job opportunity.
  6. You can also short list the jobs by specifying the location of jobs, category of jobs and types of job openings from the drop down menu bar which are given at the top left side of this web page.
  7. Click the job opening which are mentioned in the list of jobs and suits your requirements as well as qualifications.
  8. Read the responsibilities which will be handed over to the employee who will be given this position in the company along with the required qualifications and address where this job is offered.
  9. In order to apply for this job, submit your resume at the Email address given at the bottom of this job description and specify the subject of the Email in your Email. This subject must be the title of the job.

In order to have a better look at the locations where this company offers services and needs employees, you can visit the portal “Locations” and have a look at all the places where you can work. The required topic can also be searched by entering the keywords of search in the navigation bar given at the top of this web page.

The company also offers a number of other options such as option of making a donation so that this non-profit organization may work smoothly and efficiently. You can also get a membership of this company by going to this portal and clicking the respective option in the main menu bar. The company also offers a number of programs and options for guests.

On the right hand side of this web page, customers can also view the details and guide lines related to “Guest pass” by clicking the window pane given on this web page. The guide lines related to money donation can be read on the lower right side of this web page.

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