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An American supermarket, Piggy Wiggly opened its first store at Memphis, Tennessee in 1916 and now operating in the Midwestern and Southern areas of the country in 17 states through more than its 600 stores. It is considered to be a grocery store which introduced the concept of self-service.

How to apply for the Job?

To apply for employment at Piggy Wiggly, interested candidates need to visit the stores which are near to them as there is no method or process of applying for it online. The only thing you should is to download the application form from the career portal of the Piggy Wiggly which is given bellow. An application form can be found and downloaded from the webpage in which you will provide your personal information with your work experience if you have any in the past. The application with your resume will be submitted to the store where you can reach and then you will be called for an interview within a week.

Kinds of Jobs Offered:

Piggly Wiggly provides you the opportunity to work for it where you can apply for different positions according to your qualification and requirement. The positions at which jobs are offered may include Cashier, Bagger, Grocery Clerk, data Architect, Department Manager, Meat Cutter,Cake Decorator, Assistant Manager and Store Manager. To apply for any of the above mentioned positions, you must be at least 16 years of age. At this age, you can get an entry level job which can take you to other better positions in the future depending on your performance and the requirement of experience of any position.

Salaries of the Employees:

Depending upon the job position and the education and experience of the workers, their salaries vary. Cashier at Piggy Wiggly can earn up to $8.20 for one hour. A bagger is provided with the minimum wage and a stocker has earnings of about $7.90 per hour. After getting some experience, salaries of these entry level employees can reach around $12 and $14.

Employees at management level get the starting pay of about $15 an hour but the store managers who have some experience and have to perform a number of duties like hiring of the employees and their training, making schedules and delegation of work to the subordinates and other administrative tasks are getting annual pay around $75000 while the assistant managers get about $35000.

Other Benefits:

Piggy Wiggly has been providing its employees a handsome amount of money according to their duties and work experience. But the salary is not the only compensation these employees are getting but also there are benefits which are appealing to anyone. These benefits include discounts on the products of Piggy Wiggly, 401(k) retirement plan, vacations which are paid, insurance plans and other health care benefits. All of these benefits accompanied with the salary of the employee make a good compensation plan for to work for Piggy Wiggly.

Important Things to Remember for an Employee of Piggy Wiggly

  • Piggy Wiggly employees have to face flexible work shifts and overtime as well whenever required.
  • Employee must have a behavior to tolerate customers’ rude behavior and ability to handle number of customers at a time and solve customers’ issues.
  • He must maintain a positive relationship with his co-workers as well.
  • Although it is a store job but you need to be professional and policies of the company should be followed and there is a dress code which needs to be followed as well.

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